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We Use Natural Davines Products for Healthy Hair and Scalp


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  • Hair Spa

    Hair Spa

    Enjoy our Hair Spa rituals, for a moment of relaxation and ultimate care. These holistic treatments based on natural ingredients help you to balance your scalp and hair with healthy and beautiful shiny hair as a result. After all, beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp and attention to the specific needs of your hair.

    Includes a Stress-relieving Chair Massage.

    Treatment for Damaged Hair 29
    Treatment for Dry Hair 29
    Treatment to Detoxify your Hair 29
    Treatment for Shinny Hair 29
    Treatment for Thinner Hair 29
    Alleen te boeken bij een knip,
    of haarkleuring.

    Nourishing 1h HairSpa Treatment
    The Facial for your Hair



  • Color


    In Dayspa we immerse your hair in up to 93% natural colours. We permeates every hair strand in quinoa, omega 3 and olive oil for for a perfect condition of the hair, with a beautiful shine and color retention.

    Permanent Color from 87
    Semi-Permanent Color from 87
    Re-Growth and Glossing from 87
    Toner Glossing from 50
    High Lights 1/2 Head from 112
    High Lights 1/1 Head from 149
    Ballayage and Glossing from 224
    Foilage from 112

  • Mixed Hair

    Mixed Hair

    Do you have strong curls or mixed hair and are you looking for a hairdresser who can handle your curls professionally? We understand that strongly curled or mixed hair must be cut and treated differently than straight and fine hair.

    Naturally mixed hair does not need to be washed often, but it does need a mask or hair cure regularly. Your hair is naturally drier than other types of hair and needs a lot of moisture and oil. We know that only a very small part of the ends is allowed when cutting!

    Mixed Hair  
    Haircut Man 63
    Haircut Woman 80

  • Transition to Grey

    Transition to Grey

    Do you want your colored hair to naturaly grow out into your natural gray hair?

    Transition to Gray is a personal step-by-step plan of approximately one year. You visit our hair salon every 3 months. Our hair stylists subtly place more and more lows and highlights with every visit to blend your gray and colored hair. This way you gradually get used to your own gray hair color, while our hairdressers monitor the quality and color of your hair well.

    Gradually your own sparkling and contemporary look appears!

      Price after consultation 
  • Bridal


    Getting married soon? Congratulations! After an extensive proof hairdo and make up we make you shine on your special day!

    Bridal Proof Hairdo from 198
    Hairdo Wedding day from 98
    Bridal Proof Make up from 98
    Make up Wedding day from 64
    Bridal Manicure   74

Get Your Dream Hair

Annually, our stylists are trained by Davines Advanced Education Team consisting of absolute top stylists from Parma, Berlin, London, Milan and New York. Dayspa is an expert in professional hair coloring. Our broad knowledge and years of experience guarantee professional advice with the utmost care for your hair.

Davines GreyDavines Mask with Vibrachrom™

An innovative permanent color system that uses technology unprecedented in the beauty industry.

It provides superior, uniform color adhesion to the hair structure, provides extra shine, a high conditioning effect and excellent color durability.
Vibrachrom is an innovative technology developed by Davines research labs.

• natural ingredients
• optimal gray coverage
• fantastic shine
• nourishes the hair with quinoa proteins and Omega 6
• long shelf life
• mixable in any color

Formulas from nature
Vibrachrom combines the best features of nature with concepts from the world of cosmetics and textures. Quinoa protein extract increases color absorption and ensures that the hair fibers lock in color over time.

Formulas from the cosmetics world
The natural, plant-based conditioning coloring is rich in Omega 9, which guarantees bright and vibrant colours. And from the texture world, a phospholipid carrier facilitates the adhesion of pigments in the hair, ensuring uniform color from root to tip.

The products we use

Davines Grey



This Italian brand is developing its own sustainable and environmentally friendly products for your hair and body. Davines products are made from natural ingredients and are developed with 100% renewable energy. The products are people, not animal, tested. The packaging, of fully recyclable materials, is produced in the upmost sustainable way.

Booming Bob



Booming Bob makes botanical hair and skin care for men and women. The form care products from Sweden are made without water on the basis of water and plant extracts. Organic, safe and sustainable.

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CrualtyFree Gray

Plastic Bank 200x200


Haar doneren?

In Dayspa is het ook mogelijk om je haar te doneren. Jouw haar kan gebruikt worden om pruiken van te maken voor zieke kinderen én volwassenen.

Om hiervoor in aanmerking te komen moet je haar aan een aantal criteria voldoen.

Wij knippen je haar met 50% korting als je jouw haar doneert. Ben je onder de 16 jaar oud? Dan knippen we je zelfs helemaal gratis!



Stichting Haarwensen

Een haarwerk voor kinderen


  • Je haar is gezond
  • De minimale lengte is 30 cm
  • Je haar is schoon en droog
  • Je haar is niet gekleurd
  • Alle haarkleuren zijn welkom, behalve grijs

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Een haarwerk voor volwassenen


  • Je haar is gezond
  • De minimale lengte is 30 cm
  • Je haar is schoon en droog
  • Je haar is niet gekleurd
  • Alle haarkleuren zijn welkom
  • Ook grijs en geverfde haarkleuren zijn welkom!

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