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Natural Facial Treatments for Ultimate Relaxation
Rejuvenate Your Skin with Exclusive Comfort Zone Facials
Customized Facial Treatments at Dayspa Amsterdam - Book Now 


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  • Firming Facial

    Firming Facial

    This intensive facial tightens and hydrates your skin and reduces wrinkles and fine lines on your face. Let us provide you a relaxing experience that makes your skin more youthful.


  • Refining Facial

    Refining Facial

    Dayspa's natural alternative to microdermabrasion. This unique soft scrub technique with tourmaline ensures a visibly younger look without any harmful side effects. Let your skin shine!


  • Acne Relief Facial

    Acne Relief Facial

    According to our holistic approach to stress we use in this treatment stress reducing massage techniques and pure products. This way we treat the potential causes and the symptoms of acne.


  • Brightening Facial

    Brightening Facial

    Reduce visible skin discolorations such as age spots and spots caused by hyperpigmentation. The brightness of your skin is enhanced with as a result - a beautifully radiant skin and even skin tone.


  • Hydrating Facial

    Hydrating Facial

    Natural flower and plant extracts adapted to the individual needs of your skin. Exfoliation, deep cleansing and various massage techniques provide intensive nourishment of your skin.


  • Calming Facial

    Calming Facial

    Particularly suited for your sensitive skin. The calming products are free of fragrance and allergens, and provide a soothing effect with a great result.


  • 2h15 All Inclusive Facial

    2h15 All Inclusive Facial

    Ultimate care in total relaxation! After an extensive cleansing we nourish your skin including a Nourishing Eye Treatment and Exfoliation Peel. And, of course, a massage of the feet, hands, face and scalp.


  • The Facial for Men

    The Facial for Men

    The facial specifically designed for men. Your skin will be intensively cleansed and cared for while you can relax.


  • Eye Lashes and Brows

    Eye Lashes and Brows

    Do you like expressive eyes? Give your lashes and eyebrow color.

    Eyebrows Coloring 22
    Eye Lashes Coloring 22
    Eye Lashes & Eyebrows 36

    Can only be booked in combination with a facial treatment.

    Epilation is free with every Dayspa facial.

  • NEW! Kobido Deep Tissue Face Massage

    NEW! Kobido Deep Tissue Face Massage

    Kobido literally means "the path of beauty." This Japanese facial massage improves blood circulation, so more oxygen flows to your face and removes toxins and dead skin cells.


    Can be booked only in combination with a facial treatment.

  • Nourishing Eye Treatment

    Nourishing Eye Treatment

    This add-on treatment is a delight for tired eyes. Specific skin care products reduce fine lines and dark circles around the delicate skin of your eyes. Let your eyes shine again!



    Can only be booked in combination with a facial treatment.

  • Fruit acid Exfoliation Peeling

    Fruit acid Exfoliation Peeling


    This add-on treatment preventively improves the health and vitality of your skin cells. It increases muscle elasticity which gives a visibly radiant youthful appearance.


    Can only be booked in combination with a facial treatment.

  • Waxing by Lycon

    Waxing by Lycon

    With the natural wax of Lycon Wax it´s (almost) painless and possible from 1mm.

    Armpits wax 22
    Arms wax 29
    Bikini wax 36
    Chin wax 22
    1/2 Legs wax 36
    1/1 Legs wax 60

    Can only be booked in combination with a facial, manicure or pedicure treatment.

Get Your
Heavenly Facial

Each Dayspa facial is specifically adapted to your skin type. Together with your Purefessional you will compose your treatment during a personal consultation. It can be a relaxing, cleansing or moisturizing facial - you decide.

Each treatment begins with a loushious feet bath. Natural serums and essential oils will nourish your skin. The extensive facial, neck and shoulder massages makes your treatment complete.

The treatment rooms all have a private shower. Towels, slippers and bathrobe are provided to you - free of charge.

The products we use

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Nature is carefully analyzed by [comfort zone]. They combine nature and science for all their formulas. All [comfort zone] products have a B-Corporation certification. These products must be produced sustainably and contain at least 95% natural derived ingredients.
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