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  • Spa Manicure

    Spa Manicure

    Besides the excellent care we take on your cuticles and nails we pamper your hands with a lushious scrub and massage. The treatment includes polishing of your nails, or the application of a O.P.I. nail polish.


  • Cos-Medical Pedicure

    Cos-Medical Pedicure

    A complete medical foot treatment that improves the condition of your cuticles, toenails and calluses. Where possible we remove corns.

    And don´t forget to relax during your foot scrub, mask, and foot massage. The result - pretty relaxed feet! The treatment includes the polishing of the nails, or the application of a O.P.I. nail polish.

    Our treatments are performed by qualified medical pedicures.



  • O.P.I. GelColor

    O.P.I. GelColor

    Wears like a gel, but feels and looks like a nail polish. The gel is guaranteed to stay chip-free for over two weeks and is easy to remove by yourself, without damaging your nails..

    O.P.I. GelColor Application 29
    O.P.I. GelColor Removal 22

    You can only book O.P.I. GelColor as a supplement to your manicure, or pedicure.

  • Waxing by Lycon

    Waxing by Lycon

    With the natural wax of Lycon Wax it´s (almost) painless and possible from 1mm.

    Armpits wax 22
    Arms wax 29
    Bikini wax 36
    Chin wax 22
    1/2 Legs wax 36
    1/1 Legs wax 60

    Can only be booked in combination with a facial, manicure or pedicure treatment.

  • Foot Reflexology

    Foot Reflexology

    These ancient Asian therapy - applying light pressure to the reflex points on the foot - helps to improve your blood circulation, relaxes your body and restores the energy flow through your body. After this you´ll be walking in the clouds!


Your Pampering Manicures and Pedicures

The limbs of our body are the parts we use the most but are take least taken care of. Manicures and pedicures are really wonderful for everyone.

Your hands and feet don't only need caring and pampering when they are sore. 

You will notice that a foot treatment soothes and relaxes your whole body!


The products we use

Lycon gif
Lycon is worldwide leader in waxing in the top segment of wellness centers and beauty salons. Celebrities like Pippa Middleton, Sienna Miller, Victoria Beckham and Emily Blunt use this revolutionary product. These waxes are based on natural ingredients and provide a super smooth and lasting results. Short hairs from 1 mm are effortlessly waxed.
opi gif 
OPI stands for Odontorium Products Incorporated and started as a small company that made dental products. Today's OPI nail polishes offer affordable luxury and are known for their extraordinary composition - free from DBP, tolueen and formaldehyde - fashionable colors and iconic names. The polishes contain lots of color pigments, are long lasting and have a great shine!


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