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  • Rosemary Mint & Wine Spa

    Rosemary Mint & Wine Spa

    This treatment begins with a walnuts body scrub. Then you'll take place in a natural detoxifying wine bath! After a relaxing body massage with Rosemary Mint essential oils you will leave Dayspa rejuvenated.


  • Stress-Fix Spa

    Stress-Fix Spa

    A wonderfully relaxing spa treatment with aromas of lavender and sage. The treatment begins with a Dead Sea salt body scrub. Indulge in with essential oils enriched water and relax during a relaxing body massage. As a result - A soft and polished skin.


  • 2h15 Ayurvedic Detox

    2h15 Ayurvedic Detox

    An ancient Ayurvedic cleansing ritual from India. The treatment begins with a body scrub. Then an intensive deep cleansing of your body in a steam tent followed by a detoxifying body massage. The treatment ends with a special Ayurvedic ritual - the Shirodara.


  • Beautifying Milk & Honey Spa

    Beautifying Milk & Honey Spa

    After a nourishing scrub of honey and cane sugar you'll relax in a genuine milk bath. This has a soft and smooth effect on your skin. After a short Beautifying body massage you will feel reborn.


  • Shampure Back Cleansing

    Shampure Back Cleansing

    Nourishing and purifying treatment for your back, neck and shoulders. After a scrub, mask and deep cleaning of your back follows an intense back, neck and shoulder massage.


  • Shampure Hammam Spa

    Shampure Hammam Spa

    In a fragrant bath you get a relaxing scalp massage and we will shampoo your hair with Aveda Shampure. After that you will have a body scrub and an authentic Hammam soap massage while lying on warm water cushions. It's like a dream!


  • Beautifying Body Wrap

    Beautifying Body Wrap

    After a dry exfoliation and a detoxifying algae body wrap follows an extensive massage. Including a scalp and face massage. Your skin feels silky smooth.


  • Rosemary Mint Body Wrap

    Rosemary Mint Body Wrap

    Refresh your body with this dry scrub and nourishing wrap based on rosemary and peppermint essences. The extensive massage on warm water cushions, including acupressure scalp and foot massage, makes you energetic again!


  • Body Strategist Anti-Cellulite

    Body Strategist Anti-Cellulite

    An intensive treatment with a slimming effect. Effective cupping massage techniques reduce the signs of an "orange peel skin" and fat accumulation. Your blood circulation improves, your skin tightens and your body contour refines.


Ahhhh, So Soothing...

All our body treatments are designed to create a mental and physical balance. A harmonious balance is created while we work from your feet till your scalp. At Dayspa we will beging your treatments with an extended feet bath. Immerse yourself in wonderful scents and experience a treatment that will be both relaxing and nourishing.

Spa stands for "Sanitas Per Aqua", health by water. Water has, in addition to a stunning effect on your skin, a spiritualy relaxing effect on your mind.

Our Spa treatments are given in a private Thermae Bath! Besides the benefits of water and essential oils you'll get a nourishing body scrub and your body will be hydrated by a massage which can be extended with a foot or Indian head massage.

Our treatment rooms all have a private shower. Towels, slippers and bathrobe are provided to you - free of charge.

The products we use

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Based on the ancient wisdom of life, Ayurveda. Aveda strives for a balance in life. In balance with ourselves, each other and the earth. Aveda products are people tested, sustainably developed and consist of 95% natural derived flower and plant extracts. Just to take care of our planet, the indigenous cultures with which they cooperate, and you.
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Nature is carefully analyzed by [comfort zone]. They combine nature and science for all their formulas. The Sacred Nature products even carry the prestigious ECOCERT label. These products must contain of least 95% natural derived ingredients.


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