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Our Gratitude for 18 Years at Dayspa

Dear Dayspa Guests,

With a mix of pride, gratitude, and sorrow, we share with you the news that after 18 beautiful years, Dayspa has closed its doors.

Dayspa began as a dream and evolved into an award-winning Lifestyle Spa. In our exclusive spa next to the Olympic Stadium, we offered comprehensive body care treatments, from unique massages to beauty and body treatments. Our hair salon not only provided hair care but also the opportunity to style your hair after a relaxing massage or have your eyes beautifully made up following a signature Facial Treatment by our talented makeup artist.

Throughout these 18 years, we've had the privilege of welcoming thousands of guests, from loyal regulars to brides, girlfriend outings, bachelorette parties, celebrities, and even members of Royal households. We are honored that Dayspa was a place where so many special moments were shared, and guests could indulge in world-class treatments.

Our dedication extended beyond our guests. We've had more than fifty talented staff members and trained over a hundred interns, allowing us to serve as an example for many salons and beauty specialists. We want to thank all our staff for their dedication and professionalism and wish them great success in their future careers.

In the media, we were recognized as the ultimate destination for pampering and relaxation. We take pride in over 150 publications in magazines, online media, and on television. For years, Dayspa set the standard, and we are grateful for the recognition we received. Our sustainable business practices, honored as the Greenest Spa in the Netherlands, set us apart.

Additionally, we joyfully collaborated with dozens of theater productions, musicals, concerts, and film productions. It was an honor to contribute to the relaxation and well-being of artists and crew members, enriching our spa with cultural diversity and contributing to the unique atmosphere that defined Dayspa.

Finally, we want to express our sincere gratitude to you, our valued guests, for the trust you placed in us over the years. You made Dayspa what it was – a haven of beauty, relaxation, and unforgettable experiences.

With warm memories,

The Dayspa Team

"What a sad, unexpectedly received message I just got. I hope that you have made the decision for a good and positive reason. Love, M."

"I realize well what this must mean for you. Building a beautiful business for 18 years and then having to give it up because it really isn't working anymore. How much you must have fought to keep your 'baby' standing and how much stress and worries that must have caused." - F.

"What a sorrow and pain this step must bring, and unfortunately, you can do nothing else but move along in a direction you hadn't envisioned. Your wonderful place where I could still enjoy on Thursday ❤ What you both have created there for 18 years is truly something special with so much love and passion❣ Where so many people could indulge in the numerous unique and beautiful treatments, a calm haven in the chaos, an oasis of tranquility in the city ?." - A.

"What a sad message, that will be tough for you. As you already mentioned in your message, the beautiful memories endure. For me: the best pedicure treatments ever, the salon with the best atmosphere, your kindness, the good hair treatments by friendly and knowledgeable stylists, the cards during Covid, Cirque du Soleil, and much more." - T.

"I saw your email this morning. What a shock! I spoke to you on the phone yesterday about an appointment. I don't know what to say at the moment. It must have been a difficult decision. Regards, K."

"Hi, what sad news that you're closing after 18 years. I want to thank you for the pleasant experiences I've had with you. I wish you strength in dealing with everything."

"What a sad but brave choice you have made. I have learned so much from you in the past few years and enjoyed it immensely. We will definitely see each other again! Take care, and especially now, take the time and peace to let everything sink in and look back on the beautiful existence of Dayspa ❤ Thanks for everything!"

Thank you

Throughout the years, Dayspa has been the ultimate destination for pampering and relaxation. Now that the spa has closed its doors, we are overwhelmed by the warm messages. Your loving memories leave us with a lasting smile. Thank you for the joy, trust, and unforgettable moments. Although the spa is closed, the connection with all of you will endure.

Drop us a line

Drop us a line

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